Storey Homes currently has significant land holdings in Buckinghamshire and across the Northern Home Counties and is now expanding its area of operation to include northern London boroughs, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. We will consider any site from 30-250 units no matter the complexity, whether greenfield or brownfield and regardless of current planning status.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach to acquiring land and it is important to us that we develop trusted relationships with our land partners and agents. The independent nature of our business means that we are not governed by external shareholders and investors. This freedom to operate independently of external funding constraints means that we are able to act swiftly to secure land opportunities quickly and deliver homes and communities of exceptional quality that people are proud to live in.

We take a hands on approach to every aspect of the planning and development of land opportunities and have vast experience of working with third parties and local authorities to secure planning permissions that maximises value to all concerned.

If you own or are aware of land which you feel may be suitable for development and would like to talk to us about it, please contact Katy Jordan on 01908 067040 or